If you could never fly fish again, what activity would subsequently take over your life?

This one is hard to answer because you never want to think that your passion will be taken from you. I think I would fall back into hunting if I was physically able. If possible I would definitely continue to float the rivers in my drift boat. It is such a peaceful way to explore and enjoy the river.

How do you take your coffee?

Black, Cream and Sugar, Bailey’s, or Whiskey but not just sugar and not just cream.

What was your first fly rod? First time you broke a rod?

I had learned a valuable lesson when I got back into shooting and purchased a packaged rifle (scope and rifle combo). The rifle was very inexpensive but but didn't shoot consistently and had feed problems. You get what you pay for but I didn't want to make an investment for something I wasn't sure I would continue to pursue. The flip side to that is that a poor product can turn you off something before you get started.

So, when I went looking for a fly rod, I knew I wanted something I could grow into or simply sell if I wasn't into it. I came to Bow River Troutfitters with a client that I was doing some project work for who was a long-time fly fisher and the person responsible for exposing me to the sport. He pointed out a R.L. Winston and when I picked it up I immediately felt the quality in the handle and the finish of the rod. The manager at the time said the rod was discontinued and he could give me a great deal on the rod. I didn't need to think twice, I bought it that day.

It was a Winston BII MX, 9 Foot 6 weight rod and I have enjoyed fishing and casting that rod to this day. Definitely not a fly rod that one would normally purchase as their first rod but I always remember that rifle and how it was so bad I would never trust it in the field to hunt with and I don't have the conscience to sell it. You certainly have to buy what you can afford but I've never regretted that purchase. Just love that fly rod.

First fish you caught on a fly you tied?

I can’t remember the first fish I caught on a fly I tied but I have several great memories of fish I caught on flies that I have tied and I continue to try new things tying. I'm always surprised when a fish eats one of them. Haha

What excites you about working in the fly fishing community?

I have met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have met in other circles of my life. I enjoy the comradery on the river.

Would you consider any specific water body your home waters? How have these waters shaped you as fly angler?

I would consider the Bow River my home waters because it is right here at home but mostly because of the fish. The Bow is full of big mean rainbows and browns.

Beyond simply catching fish, what excites you about fly fishing?

I like the places it takes me. When I travel, I make a point of trying to get out fishing and I have seen amazing sights fly fishing in Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Antigua, Belize, Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48 States.

What is your dream trip? Both within Canada and globally.

A dream trip in Canada would be to travel to the Northwest Territories and fish for Char. Globally I would love to travel to Argentina to fish for Golden Dorado.

What's your #1 tip for a new fly fisher?

The tip that I give most often to beginner fly fisherman is to fish with someone better than you. You can certainly read and watch videos on the net, but nothing will advance your skills quicker than spending time on the water with an experienced angler.