Fishing Reports

Fishing Report - June 17
 Use extreme caution anywhere near the river, as currents are raging and the turbid latte colored water conceals significant amounts of debris, including root balls, trees, concrete, rebar, and tons of other hazards. It's not recommended to enter the water at all. Many pathway closures are still in effect. Fish still need to feed though, and some big pike will be found in the murky back bays of the Bow.
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Fishing Report - June 2
  June has arrived, and usually this means high water. As you may have noticed, runoff has yet to appear in our neck of the woods. Streams and rivers throughout Southern and Central Alberta are unseasonably low, clear, and spooky. In addition to fish and wildlife, farmers and ranchers in our province are hurting for water to grow crops. However, it may not yet be cause for despair.
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Fishing Report - May 11
The flurries that visited us late throughout April have yet to finally disappear as Calgarians noticed a fresh coat of snow Monday morning, following much needed heavy rain on Sunday night. Isolated storms dropped sporadic dumps of rain or wet snow throughout Southern Alberta into Tuesday.  Temperatures will remain below 15 C until the end of the week so don’t put the warm jacket away just yet.

 The Bow River in Calgary has seen flows and water level increase with a big bump from the weekend rain, but we’re not nearly into runoff yet.

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Fishing Report - April 20th
Although we've had consistent flurries this week, fishing in the Bow River has been steadily improving as ice-off is nearly complete and run-off has not arrived. Water levels are still low and crystal clear.
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Fishing Report - January 26th, 2022
With the pleasant change in weather, fishing on the Bow is finally becoming a consistent possibility again. Plenty of water has been completely frozen or inaccessible due to ice buildup during the cold snap. That said, the recent above zero...
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