Intro To Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing like many sports can be as complex or as basic as you want to make it. Whether you are the type of person that needs to know all the intricacies or you just want to enjoy a sunny day on the water; you still need to know some of the basics to get you going.

Get off on the right foot.
About The Class

If you've always wanted to learn to fly fish, join Bow River Troutfitters for a fun and relaxed day where we introduce you to the wonderful world of Fly Fishing. You don't require any fishing equipment to participate in this class. The class is divided into two parts. The morning is spent in class where we walk you through the types of rods and lines used in fly fishing, the knots, bugs and methods of fishing. We talk about fish identification, fish handling, where to find the regulations for fishing your local waters along with fishing etiquette out on the river. Finally we will cover the essentials to get started fishing and show you items that will make your day more enjoyable.

After lunch we move to a location outside near the river where we bring a variety of rods and lines and together we work through the basics of the fly cast.

We also spend some time at the river where we show you the basics of reading water and explain the ecosystem a trout lives in to help you better understand their food sources and what a trout needs to survive.

Come and see us or contact us in the store to learn more about this class.

Things to Bring:
As mentioned above you do not require any fishing gear to attend this class but you can bring your rod and reel if you would like to use your own outfit for the casting portion of the class.

Dress weather appropriate for the day as the afternoon is spent outside.

We will be stopping for lunch and changing locations in the afternoon so you may wish to bring lunch and have a means of transportation.

The class starts at 9:30 and wraps up around 4:30.

Introduction To Fly Fishing Class

Introduction To Fly Fishing Class

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