If you could never fly fish again, what activity would subsequently take over your life?

If I could never fly fish again, the activity that I would take up is mountain biking, because I’m still able to enjoy the outdoors and travel to a bunch of super sweet places.


How do you take your coffee?

Not a coffee drinker but when I have one, I always have it black.


What was your first fly rod? First time you broke a rod?

My first fly rod was a #6 TFO BVK. I caught my first Atlantic Salmon using that rod.


First fish you caught on a fly you tied?

The first fish I caught on a fly I tied was a rainbow on the Highwood, and the fly was a classic elk hair caddis tied on a #16 hook.


What excites you about working in the fly fishing community?

Getting to know the anglers that fish the local places and hearing stories about other places people have gone to catch fish on the fly.


Would you consider any specific water body your home waters? How have these waters shaped you as fly angler?

I wouldn’t consider any body of water my home water, but the rivers I have fished for a long time like the old man, the Livingstone and the bow have really helped me progress my skills as an angler.


 Beyond simply catching fish, what excites you about fly fishing?

Going to a new place and the excitement of wondering if the fishing is going to be really good or really bad.  The excitement of exploring new water is what really excites me about fly fishing.

What is your dream trip? Both within Canada and globally

My dream trip is to go to the Kola-Peninsula in Russia and fish for huge Atlantic Salmon.


What's your #1 tip for a new fly fisher?

My #1 tip for a person new to fly fishing is to learn how to read water and learn where fish sit in certain water conditions, because without this knowledge the lack of fish you will be catching can get pretty frustrating pretty quick.