Fishing Report - September 5th, 2019

Bow River:

We've had some wet weeks but it looks to be clearing now. Overcast days do lead to good fishing however. Trico hatches are insane right now, and the evenings are still producing strong dry fly action with caddis hatches. Most fish seem to be stacking in feeding lanes in relatively shallow water taking nymphs and emerges though. Tread the banks slowly as this is prime time for large trout in shallow water near the banks. They spook easily but you can have some nail biting fun with hopper dropper rigs right at the rod tip. Watch your shadow, stay low, and slow. Were getting into the season where Boatmans and larger streamers will start to produce so stock up now.

Dries: Polywing Spinner Females 20, Buckys midge clusters 20, Hotwing Elk hair caddis 18.

Nymphs: Galloups Hairs Ears 16,18. BH Epoxy Copper Nymphs 16,18. BH Lightning Bug 18. Hammerhead Weevil 14

Streamers: Muddler Minnows, Krafts Kreelex, Galloups Fatheads in all colours.


Mountain Streams:

Sometimes I still find myself stunned that we have two full months of mountain fishing left. Fishing gets more and more difficult as Halloween approaches. Water is low and clear, the fish have received a lot of pressure, and they are wary of classic flies now. Time to switch to smaller patterns, and more terrestrial style flies. Think ants and beetles, or if necessary even small hopper dropper rigs. Keep in mind to always check regs as the Castle, South Castle, and Pincher Creek are closed as of August 31st. 

Dries: Fab 4 Beetles, Cheeto Beetle, Cream flying ants, Galloups Ant Acid. Juan's Hopper Juan w/ Plain Jane Weevil 18 dropper.

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