Fishing Report - June 8th, 2019

The beginning of June has been marked by consistent rises in water level and with that, decreasing visibility. Both rain and hot weather have helped to dirty the water and increase glacial melt. Despite this, the river has continued to produce fish for those willing to cope with the less than ideal conditions common at this time. While the Highwood (39.78 /s as of June 8th)  continues to dirty the water below the confluence, the city stretch remains fishable at a level of 198.92 /s. Rain is in the forecast for every couple of days, however, and timing your days on the water accordingly could be advantageous. Streamers in contrasting colorways (Olive, Black) tight to the banks have been the major taker of fish during the past few weeks of runoff. While the water is not conducive to dry fly fishing at the moment, there are caddis out in the evenings and there are a few fish finding them nevertheless. Nymphing can be worthwhile, with worms and leeches being pertinent to the conditions. You can take advantage of rain and increased flows by targeting the areas around and downstream of storm water drains, as the heavy flow of worms into the river has fish gorging after storms. 



Galloup’s Sex Dungeon #2-6 (Black, Olive, Purple)

Galloup’s Silk Kitty #4 (Olive, Black)

Muddy buddy #2-4 (Black)

Carlton’s Gulpin Sculpin #4 (Olive/Black)

Sculpzilla #4-6 (Black)



San Juan Worms (Chenille, Tan)

Gummi Worms

Reese’s Pieces


Wired caddis #14-16

Zebra midges #16-18 (Black, Red)



Elk hair caddis, X-Caddis #14-16

By Jacob

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