Fishing Report - July 16th, 2020

We might finally be over the high water flows of our annual runoff. Now, we all look to the shore for signs of Stoneflies. The river is improving with excellent clarity, and flows at 190 CM/s and dropping daily. The recent summer heat has really got the hatches going. In particular, Caddis are forming prolific clouds on the banks. The forecast promises some very hot weather which could be excellent for the insects, but it may also bring some rain. Be prepared for the elements but remember that the fish won’t mind too much. Now is a good time to stay out well past dark and look for rising trout on stones and caddis, close to the bank. During the day pound the banks with larger and brighter streamers. As the water drops further we can expect the fish to move to their regular lies throughout the Bow.

Recommended flies:

Dries: Easy Caddis (14-18), X-Caddis (14-18), The Creeper (8-10), Kyle’s King Kongs (10-12)

Nymphs: Jig BH Girdle Bugs (4-10), Neo Twenty Inchers (6-10), Olive Wired Caddis (14-16), Tungsten Jig Assassin (12-16), Brillon’s Prince Jig (12-16), Howell’s Shuck-It Jig (12-16)

Streamers: Sparkle Minnow Olive (6-8), Strolis’ Headbanger Sculpin Olive, Galloup’s Silky Kitty Olive, Near Nuff Sculpin Olive

By Chris

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