Fishing Report - August 9th, 2020

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The Bow has been relatively stable as of late, however, the occasional drastic and unpredictable change in flow coming from Bearspaw Dam can put the fish off for a day or so. Regardless, the fish are hungry and if you manage to get out on the water while the flows are stable or dropping you could be in for a great time. Hoppers are starting to come out with the recent hot weather and fish are quite willing to come to the surface. It is worth mentioning that there are still some stoneflies on the water, however, not in the same abundance as a couple weeks ago. Caddis activity is consistent, particularly in the evenings. Tricos are hatching during the early part of the day and the spinners will begin falling as the morning progresses. This can continue throughout the day as tricos that fall further upstream make their way downstream to sipping fish. As always, streamers are effective, and it can pay out to pound the banks when the dry fly action is slow.

The mountain streams are fishing well as is typical this time of year.  Focus on smaller dry fly and terrestrial patterns. Please keep in mind the warmer weather we have been experiencing has warmed the water in all streams and rivers in southern Alberta. This has the biggest effect on the fish in the mid-afternoon to dark. Please use heavy tippet and avoid fishing when water temps are above 20C/70F.

Flies for the Bow:


Hoppers: Pavlovich’s Yellowstoner (10, 12), Shanafelt’s Mongo Hopper (10, 12)

Stones: Chubby Chernobyl (8), Kyle’s King Kong (10)

Caddis: X-Caddis Tan/Brown (14, 16), EZ Caddis (14, 16)

Tricos: Polywing Spinner (18, 20), Indicator Spinner Trico (18, 20)

Streamers: Galloup’s Silky Kity Olive (2), Galloup’s Fathead (6), Sparkle Minnow (6, 8)


By Benjamin

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