Fishing Report - May 28th, 2018

May 28 - Fishing Report

ES2 – AKA Central Alberta

           Larger rivers and streams in this area are experiencing typical spring runoff at this time.  When the water is dirty it is important to try to trigger the trout’s lateral line with movement by using streamers or larger nymphs. In times like this think about flash or dark profiles, both which will have a more visible profile in dirty water. Keep an eye on flows (available at ) and plan your trips accordingly. Some of the smaller streams have seen an ideal decrease in water levels and are beginning to fish very well.

Nymphs –  Copper John (Black,Red), Caddis larvae, Flashback caddis larvae, Girdle Bug

Streamers – Olive Wooly Buggers, Sex Dungeons, Barely Legals, Slump Busters

Dries – Skwala Stonefly, Caddis, March Browns

Bow River

The mighty Bow is continuing to rise and is substantially higher than the normal flow rate for this time of year. Fishing can be very inconsistent during this amount of runoff, and sometimes it is best to just enjoy being out for a nice walk on the river. Focusing on slack water during this time can be effective, as fish are congregating in very slow areas to conserve energy and stay out of the powerful current.

Nymphs – Zebra Midges (Red,Black) Sz 16,18, San Juan Worms, Copper Johns (Various Colours), Flashback Caddis Nymph, Plain Jane Weevil

Dries – Caddis variations, March browns, Adams

Streamers – Wooly Buggers (Black, Olive, Brown) Muddler Minnows, Sculpzillas, Sex Dungeons, Pretty much anything in Olive or Black 3 to 6 inches long.


Southern Alberta

The Crowsnest River is starting to lower slightly. Visibility is still only about 1 foot and the river is not crossable. The Oldman River downstream of highway 22 downstream is running high and muddy, which is typical for this time of year. Some lakes in the Crowsnest area hae been fishing very well lately and are a great alternative option.

Nymphs – Zebra Midge (Black,Red) Sz – 16,18,20, San Juan Worm, Copper John (Black,Red) Sz - 16,18, Caddis imitations, Girdle Bug

Streamers – Wooly Bugger (Black,Olive) Sculpzilla, Muddy Buddy Black, Jaw Breaker

Dries – March Browns, Salmon flies, Caddis


Kit Recommendations

·      Nymphing - A standard 3X leader with different tippets to give you the option to go lighter is recommended. The water may be clear but the fish should not be leader shy this time of the year.

o   Many of our customers have been enjoying the use of tippet rings so if you have yet to try them you may want to give them a shot.

·      Dries – Hopefully you will have to opportunity to fish some larger dries, such as March Browns and the fish are still not too line shy. Regarding larger tippet diameters: if it fits through the eye of the hook, fish it.

·      Streamers – For streamers we say no lighter than 10lb and remember that fluorocarbon is much more abrasion resistant.

·      Lots of streams are now ready for wet-wading! (Depending on your tolerance of water temperatures). So enjoy the refreshingly cool water on a scorching day and leave your waders in the truck.

 We've got some awesome SIMMS wet wading boots in the shop and available in the BRT online store. Be sure to save your ankles this summer and feel strong and sturdy while wet wading.


If you make it out and feel like sharing a story of photo we always like hearing what you are getting up to.